JOINTS 2024; 2: e975
DOI: 10.26355/joints_20245_975

Prof. Elizaveta Kon, new SIAGASCOT President 2024-2025 – A new family!

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Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

Throughout my academic career, I was warmly welcomed by various scientific families.

The Rizzoli Orthopaedics Institute served as my initial familial anchor, nurturing my personal and professional growth under the mentorship of Professor Maurilio Marcacci. Following that, I found my current professional home at Humanitas University.

Throughout my professional career, I have been actively involved in numerous societies and scientific communities, including SIGASCOT, and my international experiences as ICRS President have further enhanced my skillset. However, I must emphasize the importance of SIAGASCOT in my professional life.

In SIAGASCOT, I have found past and new friends and have had the privilege of forging meaningful relationships with exceptional people, characterized by great professionalism and human qualities, both precious for the growth of this society.

Their unwavering support has been pivotal in my elevation to the position of President at SIAGASCOT, for which I am sincerely grateful. Thanks to the professional communities that have supported me, I am prepared to take on the SIAGASCOT Presidency with fortitude.

Serving SIAGASCOT is a privilege. In my upcoming tenure, I am fortunate to be supported by an exemplary Executive Board. Together, we will endeavor to advance our scientific and educational initiatives.

I would also like to express my gratitude to all Committees, Workgroups, Interdisciplinary Commissions, Regional Representatives, and our nearly 1,800 members for their unwavering support and contributions.

Throughout my presidency, I will focus on fostering collaboration with national and international scientific societies and introducing new initiatives for our young members.

In the spirit of familial solidarity, we shall work collectively to achieve our objectives, welcoming all suggestions and guidance, because… WE ARE SIAGASCOT.

Elizaveta Kon

SIAGASCOT President 2024/2025

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Prof. Elizaveta Kon, new SIAGASCOT President 2024-2025 – A new family!

JOINTS 2024; 2: e975
DOI: 10.26355/joints_20245_975

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