Case report

JOINTS 2024; 2: e968
DOI: 10.26355/joints_20245_968

Massive metallosis after medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty misplacement

JOINTS 2023; 1: e768
DOI: 10.26355/joints_202311_768

Adductor Longus proximal tears: a report of non-surgical treatment in 3 professional athletes

JOINTS 2023; 1: e756
DOI: 10.26355/joints_202310_756

Intra-articular subperiosteal osteoid osteoma of the talar neck mimicking impingement or bone marrow syndromes: report of 2 cases

JOINTS 2023; 1: e487
DOI: 10.26355/joints_20234_487

A case of complicated pediatric septic arthritis of the knee caused by Panton-Valentine leucocidin-producing Staphylococcus aureus